Trevor Greenleaf is a designer, educator, developer, and entrepreneur. His mission? Trevor wants to make learning design and development as enjoyable as possible. The digital designers of the future need more than graphic design and interaction design courses. They need to learn how to merge these skills with master storytelling and brand strategy. That’s where Trevor comes in. In his work cofounding CodeTime.io, Trevor helped craft design and development courses, ranging from graphic design and Laravel applications to website creation. The result? Several hundred video episodes, representing some 48 hours of free content. Originally, the course was designed as a complement for students who needed an extra boost. But it was too fun to stop there. It became a resource all its own. Now, at TrevorGreenleaf.com, Trevor is taking his enthusiasm for design, development, and online learning in a new direction. That includes his YouTube channel, the free video lessons you see here, and a constant desire to find out what makes design and development in the modern world tick.

Trevor calls himself “a nerd for learning.” He can’t get enough of it. You might call it an insatiable appetite for all things learning, especially when it comes to new technologies. As a kid, Trevor was constantly taking mechanical objects apart and putting them back together so he could figure out how they worked.That passion for learning never went away. It manifested in a series of startups. In Greenleaf Clothing, Trevor used his passion for illustrations and printing to bring an alternative lifestyle fashion company to life. In Villainy & Associates (not as scary as it sounds), he helped clients looking for both design and development to create interactive experiences. In BootCats.com, Trevor developed a theme generator for Bootstrap 4. He also founded Moodzer.com, a resource for helping students creating mood boards for their projects quickly and easily.You may also know Trevor from CodeTime.io, where he merged his passion for design and development with his love of teaching and learning. The result has been over 600 videos across 90+ series of free courses and content. CodeTime.io was initially conceived as a complement to other courses, but eventually became a prominent coding resource all its own.That brings us to today. Here at TrevorGreenleaf.com, you can find over 700 free video lessons. This is a constantly-evolving set of courses that serve as beginner’s courses for some, and advanced lessons for people like Trevor: the people who like to take things apart and see how they work.

Trevor Greenleaf considers himself a student first. Being in the position of perpetual learner has made it possible for him to create courses that appeal to people of all levels. He knows what he needs to learn something new, and he uses that knowledge and intuition to fuel every video he creates on the subject of design and development.Beyond Trevor’s hunger for knowledge and effective automation? You’ll find one trademark to his teaching: cats. Trevor loves cats. Maybe he resonates with their natural sense of curiosity. Maybe he just likes having great companions. Either way, he often uses cats as examples in his courses. And thus far, it’s working.